Starting a new blog

Starting a new blog

Hello World

So this is one of those usual blog posts announcing the start of a blog, so I'll try to keep this short.

I've been meaning to start a blog for ages and I'm finally giving it a go. So, what will this blog be about? I've got some areas below that I'll likely cover.

  • AWS Tools and Uses
    • Well-Architected
    • New product announcements
    • Interesting use cases
    • Specific AWS products, such as:
      • Lambda
      • CloudWatch
      • Batch
      • Lots more (There are tons of AWS products and some interesting use cases)
  • Programming
    • Python
    • General programming Concepts
  • Gaming / Game Development

Will try to add some content over the next couple of weeks and hopefully make this a regular occurrence and provide some information you might find useful. Also, just starting to use Hashnode.

I do work for an AWS Partner, CirrusHQ, so naturally, there will be some areas where I will recommend the use of a partner (Well-Architected is a great example of this, where you can go it alone but the structure benefits from partner involvement). I will try to keep the advice as broad as possible. This blog won't be used to push the use of an AWS Partner, but to share some of my knowledge and things I've found interesting or useful. I've gained plenty of help from others over the years doing the same things (on stack overflow and other similar forums), and there have been projects I've been having issues with on until finding just the right post at the right time, so I want to play my part in that knowledge sharing.

Header Photo by Hitarth Jadhav from Pexels - I will try to do my own headers, just using a stock one for convenience just now.